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Creative / Scripting

A great concept and an outstanding script can captivate your audience and profoundly effect what they think, feel and do. At Bobby Edwards Media Group, every word we choose is developed from tried and true industry practices. We write scripts that will form the “blueprint” of a production in which every element is designed to achieve the intended goal.


Editing Services

Our creative editing will bring your project to life, efficiently and cost-effectively, with a look and feel you’ll love. 


• Adobe Suite 

• AVID Suite

• Final Cut Pro Suite

• Linear online editing suite

• Voice over booth

• Music, sound and graphic FX libraries, live recording and audio master mixing 

• Motion titling, graphics and animation


HD Graphics / Animation

We offer an impressive selection of stock graphic effects and motion backgrounds, as well as an expansive library of stock video and film clips that can add drama and interest to any program. We also produce custom animations, from the highly-technical to the whimsical and custom logo treatments that bring your logo to life.


Voiceover Narration / Sound Effects

For a program to have maximum impact, every audible piece must be strong. We know how to handle voice overs in a way that will have a huge contribution to the effectiveness of your video. Also, we have all types of sound effects. Cheering crowds, screeching tires, crying babies… if you’ve heard it, we have it.


Shooting / Recording

Whether the script calls for location shooting or studio shooting, Bobby Edwards Media Group has you covered. If it's a studio shoot your project needs, no problem.  Teleprompters and green screen capability for single and multi-camera production. Above all, we keep you involved in the process.



Our efficient, creative editors have top of the line digital editing equipment at their disposal and can add titles, animation and other graphics to your video. On the audio side, we can access our extensive music and sound effects libraries and record narration in our on-site recording booth. Based on your presentation needs, we'll deliver the final program in the format that works best for you!


What Does It All Mean?

Script-To-Screen means you're in good hands. It means you have our personal commitment to produce your video that meets your exact standards, and deliver it when and how you need it.

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